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Art and Bike Safety Merge at WES

Art and Bike Safety Merge at WES
Flagler Schools

Wadsworth Elementary School students in Miss Potter’s 2nd grade and Miss Reiter’s 4th grade classes Thursday were treated to a special presentation that combined art, bicycle safety, and a surprise announcement about the winners of design contest.
It all started last fall when the students participated in the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) Bike Lane Design competition, hosted by art teacher Miss Curley. The school's administrators narrowed it down to five from kindergarten through second grade and five designs from third to fifth grades. Then all 10 designs were submitted to FDOT and they picked one winner from each category. The WES designs competed with submissions from other schools in the region. 
Recently, WES was notified that it was one of eight schools throughout the state that have been selected, and the only school in Flagler County with winning designs.
The winners are Annalise Quesenberry, who submitted her Going Green with Lightning Speed entry in the Pre-K to 2nd grade category, and Sofia Ospanova, who won in the 3rd to 5th grade category with her Biking on the Rainbow design. 
Teachers, safety personnel and Assistant Principal Chris Tincher were on hand as well as FDOT officials at the presentation and ceremony. FDOT’s Stephanie Moss announced the winners during the outdoor assembly in the covered play area (aka The Party Barn). Annalise and Sofia each received a certificate and wild applause from their supportive classmates. They also were surprised by their parents, who were secretly invited to attend the event.
The youngsters watched a short presentation on bike and pedestrian safety and were given the opportunity to ask questions. They then headed over to the nearby walker’s crosswalk where thermoplastic versions of Annalise and Sofia’s designs were recently added to the sidewalk. “I’m so proud of you,” said a classmate to Annalise as the students inspected the sidewalk designs.
The parents too were obviously moved by their child’s accomplishments.
“She loves to draw,” said Sofia’s mom, a sentiment that was echoed by Annalise’s parents. 
Each of the students received a goody bag from FDOT containing items they can use to improve bike safety.

Adults standing with student holding certificate

Bike Challenge design winner Sofia Ospanova with art teacher Miss Curley, AP Chris Tincher, Sofia's mom, and FLDOT officials.

Group of adults standing with student

Annalise Quesenberry with her parents, art teacher Miss Curley, and AP Chris Tincher.

Adults standing with student next to a sidewalk design

Sofia Ospanova with her art teacher Miss Curley, AP Chris Tincher, Sofia's mom and FLDOT officials next to her bike safety design set in thermoplastic on the sidewalk.

Students and adults squatting around bike decal on sidewalk

Design winner Annalise Quesenberry with her parents, AP Chris Tincher, art teacher Miss Curley and FLDOT officials with her newly installed bike safety design in thermoplastic.

Adult in safety vest addresses sitting students

FDOT official Stephanie Moss takes questions from Miss Potter's and Miss Reiter's students at the bike safety presentation at WES.

Students sitting and listening to presentation

Second and fourth graders were treated to a special presentation about bike safety from the FDOT on May 11th.

Woman and child standing holding certificate

Fourth grader Sofia Ospanova with her proud mom.

Child being hugged by father and mother

Annalise Quesenberry got a surprise visit from her parents during the bike safety presentation in which her design was revealed to be one of the winners.