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Students and teacher in a classroom

Wadsworth Elementary School students focus on STREAM studies, which include Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Educators have found that STREAM studies actively support 21st century skills.

Every student at Wadsworth attends STREAM class on the Wheel. STREAM is a place where children can code a robot, design and build a bridge, create a green screen video on the solar system, and so much more! Our classroom motto is “Hands On… Minds On!” where everyone can explore with their own voice and choice.

Students in upper grade levels participate in Digital Tools classes where they can earn ICT Certificates. Fifth grade students also create products to teach others all about Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety, image editing, and presentation software. We are building an amazing library of videos with special effects and green screen, 3D game boards, and interactive models right in our STREAM classroom.