Policies and Procedures

The Preserve HoursThePreserve
Students are welcome to come to the library between 8:30 am–3:00 pm. When the media staff is not present, the lights will be out. No students should enter the library if the lights are out.

Student Use
All students may access the media center during student hours. Students who come during school hours should have a pass and a purpose. Students may use the library individually or in small groups of not more than three, as permitted by their teacher.

While in the Media Center
Read or check out materials, use computers for research or educational games, and other activities deemed appropriate by media center staff.

Media/Library Skills Instruction
Skills instruction will be integrated with the curriculum and taught as needed or requested by teachers. All classes must participate in an orientation before students can check out materials. Some basic skills must be covered from the Sunshine State Standards and the media center is prepared to teach or supplement these standards for all grade levels.

Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade can check out one book.

Students in 2nd through 5th grade can check out three books and/or magazines.

Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the library staff. Students may keep the books for two weeks and can renew items for an additional two weeks. A student with any overdue materials will not be allowed to check out any additional materials until the item(s) are returned. Overdue notices will be issued at least monthly.

Checking Out Materials
Students will use their student IDs to check out books. Students need to bring IDs to the library each time.

Damaged or Lost Materials
All students should immediately report damaged or lost materials to the media center staff. Students are required to pay for the replacement of lost or damaged items. Students must pay 100% of the purchase cost to the media center. All charges must be satisfied before students may check out any other items.

Book Fair
The library will sponsor at least one book fair in the fall and one to be held in March during the week of Read Across America. Teachers will be able to sign up to bring their class in for a preview and also a purchase date. At the discretion of the teacher, students may also come to the book fair at other times when they have money. The money raised from the book fair goes directly to support library programs, new materials, equipment, and supplies for the library. In addition, the library earns free books for the library collection.

Parents Resource Room
Parents are encouraged to check out supplemental curriculum materials from the parent resource room located in the library. Games, books, and manipulatives are available to parents to help support their child’s learning. Parents can create an account with the media staff to check out these materials.

The media center provides hands-on experiences with technology. Computers and iPads are available in the library for accessing the online catalog, the Internet, and educational games. A laptop cart is available for classes to use for research and other curricular-related activities. Students must have a signed Acceptable Use Policy and Agreement form on file in order to be able to use the Internet and online catalog.

Volunteers are Welcome
If you are interested in volunteering in the library or for the book fair, please contact our Media Specialist at 386-446-6720 x4117. For all other places and reasons, please contact our receptionist at 386-446-6720 x4100.