2021-22 SSYRA Jr.

The One and Only Dylan St. Claire by Kamen Edwards Illustrated by Jeffery Ebbeler
Full of laughs and a one-of-a-kind character, you will cheer for, this hilarious story is a
celebration of individuality, persistence, overcoming disappointment, and what it takes to be a true star.
The Yawns are Coming by Christopher Eliopoulous Two best friends have big plans for their sleepover. They aren't going to go to bed at all - they'll stay up playing all night long. But then it happens: The YAWNS show up! And as much as they try to outrun and hide from them, it's no use: The Yawns catch them. Maybe they could keep going anyway, but then a DOZE arrives . . . followed by the dreaded SNORES. Will our heroes escape the SLEEPIES?
The Barnabus Project written and illustrated by the Fan Brothers. In a world built for
Perfect Pets, Barnabus is a Failed Project, half mouse, half elephant, kept out of sight until
his dreams of freedom lead him and his misfit friends on a perilous adventure. Will
Barnabus and his friends find freedom? Read and find out!
How to be a Pirate by Issac Fitzgerald What does it take to really be a pirate? CeCe dreams of being a pirate. When the neighborhood boys tell her that she can't, she wonders where to begin. Luckily, she suspects her grandpa must know something about being a pirate--why else would he have all those tattoos? As he shares each tattoo, Grandpa and CeCe are transported from adventure to adventure, and CeCe discovers that there are all kinds of ways to be a pirate.
Federico and the Wolf by Rebecca J. Gomez Illustrated by Elisa Chavarri Clever Federico
outsmarts el lobo in this fresh and funny Mexican-American take on Little Red Riding Hood.
Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea by Meena Harris Kamala and Maya live in a place where there is no playground. They have a big idea that they should make a playground. They keep hearing grownups tell them their big idea won’t work. Can they make it work?
Fussy Flamingo by Shelley Vaughan James This adorable fictional tale about a baby flamingo named Lola that doesn't want to eat shrimp. Instead, her feathers turn green from eating avocados and pink-red from eating dragonfruit. Eventually, she tries shrimp and finds that she loves it! 
You Matter by Christian Robinson In this beautiful picture book, many different perspectives around the world are explored—from a pair of bird-watchers to the pigeons they’re feeding. Young readers will be drawn into the luminous illustrations inviting them to engage with the world in a new way and see how everyone is connected, and that everyone matters.
Roy Digs Dirt by David Shannon Roy REALLY digs dirt, he likes everything about it. See how many different ways there are to enjoy dirt, right along with Roy!
Unicorns are the Worst by Alex Willan Magic is serious business, but all unicorns do is frolic around, have tea parties, and leave glitter all over the place! They’re nothing like goblins—practical and hardworking, who can put magic to good use! Unicorns aren’t helpful at all. Or are they?
The Shark Report by Derek Anderson When Benny learns about sharks at school, he immediately feels worried. He definitely can't go in the ocean, because sharks live there. But even simply staying out of the water isn't enough, because a shark named Mr. Chompers follows him home! What will Benny do?
Puppy Problems by Paige Braddock Crackers (the dog) and Butter (the cat) are leading a pretty great life as rescue pets. Until a new puppy shows up. Crackers and Butter are annoyed by all his puppy antics, but when Peanut gets out, Crackers and Butter know how awful it feels to be on your own and work hard to bring Peanut back home.
See the Cat written by David LaRochelle and Illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka See Max. Max is not a cat--Max is a dog. But much to Max's dismay, the book keeps instructing readers to "see the cat." How can Max get through to the book that he is a DOG?
Geeger the Robot by Jarrett Lerner Geeger the Robot is going to school. But not robot school…a school with kids, the human kind! Geeger isn’t used to human ways, and his zany misunderstandings and overly literal responses to instructions lead to quite a few mishaps. He’s starting to wonder if he can even make it until snack time!
Ready for School by Bob McMahon New best friends Cookie and Broccoli are as different as peanut butter and cheese, but that doesn't stop them from helping each other through the first day of school! Together they find the classroom and and concoct silly secret greetings. When Broccoli discovers that
Cookie is also nervous to meet new classmates, the two of them come up with the perfect solution. 


Sunshine State Young Readers Award Books
2021-2022 List for Grades 3-5

Amelia Six by Kristin L Gray
Eleven-year-old Amelia (Millie) doesn’t realize just how much adventure awaits her when she’s given the opportunity of a lifetime: to spend the night in Amelia Earhart’s childhood home with five other girls. Once at Amelia’s house in Atchison, Kansas, Millie stumbles upon a display of Amelia’s famous flight goggles. But her luck changes quickly when the goggles disappear, and Millie was the last to see them. It’s up to the Amelia Six to find the culprit and return the goggles to their rightful place.  

Black Brother, Black Brother by Jewell Parker Rhodes
As one of the few black boys at Middlefield Prep, most of the students don’t look like Donte. They don’t like him either. When an incident leads to his arrest and suspension, he knows the only way to get even is to beat the king of the school at his own game: fencing. Donte embarks on a journey to carve out a spot on Middlefield Prep’s fencing team and maybe learn something about himself along the way.

Charlie & Frog by Karen Kane
Charlie heads into the village where an old woman gives him a desperate message in sign language, then suddenly disappears. All Francine (aka Frog) wants is to be the world’s greatest detective. Frog, who is Deaf, would jumps at the chance to tackle a real-life case. Together, Charlie and Frog set out to decipher a series of clues and uncover the truth behind the missing woman’s mysterious message. 

The Disaster Days by Rebecca Behrens
Hannah loves living on a tiny island. It’s a little disconnected from the outside world, but she’s always felt completely safe there. Which is why when she’s asked one day to babysit after school, she thinks it’s no big deal. Then the shaking begins. The terrifying earthquake only lasts four minutes but it changes everything, damaging the house, knocking out the power, and making cell service nonexistent. Hannah and the youngsters are stranded and alone with Hannah in charge, as things go from bad to dangerous.

A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Joy McCullough
Sutton is having robot problems. She must have gotten something wrong in the coding. Luis spends his days writing thrilling stories about brave kids, but there’s only so much inspiration you can find when you’re stuck inside all day—allergic and afraid. Sutton and Luis couldn’t be more different from each other. Except now that their parents are dating, these two have to find some common ground. Will they be able to navigate their way through life? 

Following Baxter by Barbara Kerley
Jordie has been waiting forever for someone to move in next door, so she is thrilled when Professor Reece arrives: she has a laboratory in her basement and an extraordinary dog named Baxter—who seems to understand everything Jordie says. JShe begins walking Baxter and helping Professor Reese in the lab. But being lab assistant ends up being more than Jordie bargained for and leads her to an unexpected secret. When Professor Reece goes missing, it is up to Jordie to use her smarts and Baxter’s magical powers to find her. Will they be able to save Professor Reece before it’s too late?

From the Desk of Zoe Washington by Janae Marks
What does a girl say to the father she’s never met and who’s been in prison for a terrible crime? A crime he says he never committed. Zoe is determined to uncover the truth. Even if it means hiding his letters and her investigation from the rest of her family. With bakery confections on one part of her mind, and
her father on the other, this is one recipe Zoe doesn’t know how to balance. The only thing she knows to be true: Everyone lies.

The Great Pet Heist by Emily Ecton
Butterbean knew she wasn’t always a good dog. Then her owner, Mrs. Food, fell in the hallway. Now Butterbean and her fellow pets (Oscar the mynah bird, Walt the cat, and rats Marco and Polo),have to come up with a plan to support themselves. When they discover a mysterious man in their building who seems to have lots of loot, they plan a heist. Can these animal friends pull off the heist of the century?

How to Test a Friendship by Theanne Griffith
Violet and Pablo are best friends who love science! So when they discover a riddle that opens a magic portal in the Science Space at school, they can’t wait to check it out! Along with their new classmate, Deepak, the friends discover a magical makerspace called the Maker Maze. It’s a laboratory full of robots, 3D printers, an antigravity chamber, and more. Doors line the walls of the makerspace, with a new science adventure waiting behind each one.

The Incredibly Dead Pets of Rex Dexter by Aaron Reynolds
Rex Dexter is itching to have a dog but ends up with a pet chicken. One hour and fourteen minutes later, the chicken is dead, Rex is cursed, and wild animal ghosts are haunting Rex's room. Rex's uninvited ghostly guests are a chatty, messy bunch. And they need Rex to solve their mysterious deadly departures from the Middling Falls Zoo before it happens again. But how?

Midnight at the Barclay Hotel by Fleur Bradley
When JJ’s mom accepts an invitation to a weekend getaway at the Barclay Hotel, he never imagined that he’d find himself in the midst of a murder mystery. When he arrives at the Barclay Hotel and his mother is blamed for the hotel owner’s death, he realizes his weekend is going to be anything but ordinary. Now he must track down a killer, clear his mother’s name, and maybe even meet a ghost or two along the way.

The Newspaper Club by Beth Vrabel
There are rumors of vandalism and attacks at the only park in town. Something is happening at the park, but what? All of the fake online news and rumors are clouding the truth. Nellie wants to break the story — and break free from the front yard — but she can’t do it alone. She needs a whole club if she’s going to
start the Cub Report, the town’s first independent newspaper. Creating a newspaper from scratch is going to be tough; but for Nellie, making friends is even harder.

Roll With It
by Jamie Sumner
Ellie’s a girl who tells it like it is. That surprises some people, who see a kid in a wheelchair and think she’s going to be all sunshine and cuddles. The thing is, Ellie has big dreams: one day she’s going to be a professional baker. But when Ellie and her mom move so they can help take care of her grandpa, Ellie has to
start all over again in a new town at a new school. Except she’s not just the new kid—she’s the new kid in the wheelchair who lives in the trailer park on the wrong side of town.

The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez by Adrianna Cuevas
Nestor doesn’t want anyone find out his deepest secret: that he can talk to animals. But when the animals in his new town start disappearing, Nestor's grandmother becomes the prime suspect. Nestor learns that they are being seized by a tule vieja—a witch who can absorb an animal’s powers by biting it during a solar eclipse. And the next eclipse is just around the corner…Now it’s up to Nestor’s extraordinary ability and his new friends to catch the tule vieja—and save a place he might just call home. 

Wish Upon a Sleepover by Suzanne Selfors Leilani is planning to host the best sleepover in the history of the world. But her grandmother accidentally sends the invitations to the "do NOT invite" list and now Leilani is stuck hosting a group of kids she can't stand. This is sure to be the worst sleepover in the history of the world. Or...maybe the unexpected will happen.

Sunshine State Young Readers Award Books
2021-2022 List for Grades 6

Cleo Porter and the Body Electric by Jake Burt
A woman is dying. Cleo Porter has her medicine. And no way to deliver it. Like everyone else, twelve-year-old Cleo and her parents are sealed in an apartment without windows or doors. They never leave. They never get visitors. Their food is dropped off by drones. So they’re safe. Safe from the disease that nearly wiped humans from the earth. Safe
from everything. The trade-off? They’re alone. Thus, when they receive a package clearly meant for someone else--a package containing a substance critical for a stranger’s survival--Cleo is stuck. As a surgeon-in-training, she knows the clock is ticking. But people don’t leave their units. Not ever. Until now.

Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation by Stuart Gibbs
The CIA forces twelve-year-old Charlotte "Charlie" Thorne, a rebellious genius, to use her code-breaking skills on an epic global chase to locate Einstein's last equation before dangerous agents discover it and
unlock the solution to harnessing energy.

When Stars Are Scattered by Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed
Omar Mohamed was a child when soldiers attacked his village in Somalia. Separated from his parents, he and his younger brother, Hassan, eventually made their way to Dadaab. Living in this crowded refugee camp in Kenya, Omar spends his days scrambling for food and taking care of Hassan, who is nonverbal and suffers from debilitating seizures. A chance to attend school is a dream come true, but the opportunity weighs heavily on Omar; school is a selfish choice when you have no parents and a brother who needs
constant care.

The Unteachables by Gordon Korman
The Unteachables are a notorious class of misfits, delinquents, and academic train wrecks. Like Aldo, with anger management issues; Parker, who can’t read; Kiana, who doesn’t even belong in the class—or any class; and Elaine (rhymes with pain). The Unteachables have been removed from the student body and isolated in room 117. Their teacher is Mr. Zachary Kermit, the most burned-out teacher in all of Greenwich. He was once a rising star, but his career was shattered by a cheating scandal that still haunts him. After years of phoning it in, he is finally one year away from early retirement. But the superintendent has his own plans to torpedo that idea—and it involves assigning Mr. Kermit to the Unteachables. The Unteachables never thought they’d find a teacher who had a worse attitude than they did. And Mr. Kermit never thought he would actually care about teaching again. Over the course of a school year, though, room 117 will experience mayhem, destruction—and maybe even a shot at redemption.

Me and Banksy by Tanya Lloyd Kyi
A Banksy-style protest against cameras in classrooms brings a group of middle-grade students together. Dominica's private school is covered in cameras, and someone is hacking into them and posting embarrassing moments for the whole school to see; Like Ana picking her nose. When Dominica quickly changes her shirt from inside out in what she thinks is the privacy of a quiet corner in the library, she's shocked -- and embarrassed -- to discover a video has captured this and is currently circulating amongst her schoolmates. So mortifying, especially since over the past three years, they've had a half-dozen school talks about social media safety. Who has access to the school security cameras and why are they doing this? Dominica and her best friends, Holden and Saanvi, are
determined to find out, and in the process start an art-based student campaign against cameras in the classroom.

The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl by Stacy McAnulty
If you can survive a bolt of lightning, you can survive middle school...right? Lucy was struck by lightning when she was eight; turning her into a math savant with genius level math skills and some quirky OCD issues. Now that Lucy is twelve, she’s technically ready for college. Except Lucy’s grandma wants her to survive just one year of middle school. Lucy must: Go to middle school for 1 year. Make 1 friend. Join 1 activity. And read 1 book (that’s NOT a math textbook.)

Jinxed by Amy McCulloch
Lacey Chu is a girl who codes. She has always dreamed of working as an engineer for MONCHA, the biggest tech firm in the world and the company
behind the "baku"―a customizable "pet" with all the capabilities of a smartphone. But when Lacey is rejected by the elite academy that promises that future, she's crushed. One night, Lacey comes across the broken form of a highly advanced baku. After she repairs it, the cat-shaped baku she calls Jinx opens its eyes and somehow gets her into her dream school. But Jinx is different from any other baku she's ever seen... He seems real.
As Lacey settles into life at school, competing with the best students in a battle of the bakus that tests her abilities, she learns that Jinx is part of a dangerous secret. Can Lacey hold on to Jinx and her dreams for the future?