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Annual Registration

All Flagler Schools families are required to complete the Annual Registration form annually. This online registration form includes the Flagler Schools student device agreement as well as state-required information for students in grades K–12. Students may complete the registration themselves if they are of legal age. 

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Annual Registration How-To Video

Need some help filling out the 2024-2025 Annual Registration packet for your Flagler Schools student? The helpful tutorial video below will guide you through the student registration forms step by step. Click on the video to watch and learn. 

Student Device Agreement

Student learning is at the heart of all we do at Flagler Schools. It is our belief that student learning is enhanced through the integration of technology with a strong curriculum, led by excellent teachers. Technology allows students and teachers to use a “hands on” approach which is relevant to today’s learning. By approving the 1/2 Cent Sales Tax, the community has given Flagler Schools the opportunity to provide our students with digital tools to help actively engage them in learning.

Students in grades 4–12 are assigned individual devices that can be taken home, while K–3 students are assigned devices that will remain in the classroom. The annual technology usage fee has been waived for the current school year. Any previous outstanding fines will not be waived.

For additional information about technology at Flagler Schools, please visit the Student Devices page.

The Digital Learning Handbook can be viewed here. 

State-Required Information

Flagler Schools has included all information required by the State of Florida in its 2024-2025 online Annual Registration packet. This necessary information includes: